About The Firm

While the origin of Zeleskey, Cornelius, Hallmark, Roper and Hicks dates back to pioneer attorney J.J. Collins’ practice in the early 1900’s, the firm’s formal partnership began to take shape in 1946 when Pitser Garrison and Louis Renfrow returned from World War II, rejoined Collins in a partnership, and began serving with an expanded practice from offices at 115 West Shepherd, near the Angelina Hotel.
Garrison and Renfrow had previously worked with Collins in the 1930’s, but their practice was interrupted when both entered the military in 1942.

Together, Collins, Garrison and Renfrow built one of most prestigious law practices, and in 1961 the firm moved to new offices . At that time, the firm consisted of Garrison, Renfrow, Ralph Zeleskey, James Cornelius, Henry Rogers, Vernon Berry and Jack Hicks.

The firm continued to grow and in 1978 relocated its offices, adding a wing in 1988 to accommodate six additional attorneys.Today, with 20 attorneys and a support staff of 26, the firm is the largest legal practice.